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ALASKA HUNTING Chugach Mountains



Our hunting season typically begins in Mid-May with either five full days of two-on-one style black bear hunts, or ten day, one-on-one grizzly bear hunts. A minimum of two additional days will need to be allotted for travel in and out of camp, as regulations stipulate that no one can hunt the same day they fly, and due to the ever changing weather, at least one day will be needed to return to the road system.

Bear Hunts-One of the highly sought after black bear color phases, the cinnamon phase, can be found in our area. Our black bears average 5 to 6 feet, with some occasionally larger. The grizzly bear in our area average 7 to 8 feet, with the occasional bear breaking the 9 foot mark.

Dall Sheep hunts are 8-day hunts with at least two days allotted, one on either end of the hunt, for traveling to and from camp. The average sheep in our area are 36-37 inches, and 13- 13 ¼" on the bases. Although our area has produced at and above the 40 inches. Hunting Dall Sheep is an extremely physical and challenging hunt. We recommend being in top shape, as it is crucial in upping your odds at taking a beautiful trophy.

Alaska Moose Hunts Big-Bull-Moose-in-Alaska, dwarf birch brush begins the transition from green to red, and the days begin to take on the feel of fall, our season for trophy Bull Moose begins. Starting Sept 1st and running until sept 20th we pursue trophy class bulls in our area. Our Moose area is on a draw style hunt, as with our Dall sheep and Rocky Mountain Goats, and the draw begins November 1st and ends December 15th.

Rocky Mountain Goat is a highly sought after trophy with the challenge of steep terrain, and closing the distance on a fine "Billy" can test the fortitude of any mountain hunter. the opportunity to hunt Rocky Mountain Goats in areas that see little to no hunting pressure. Rocky Mountain Goat hunting season begins August 10th and ends November 30th, giving the hunter the ability to take a Billy in his prime Hair condition.

Hunts take placin Chugach Mountains, our camps are warm and comfortable, yet rustic. Built from local timber and material from the Gold Era. The camp serves as a comfortable base for our guide operations, From this base camp, both Black bears and or Grizzly bears from baited stands, or by spot and stalk. For sheep and moose hunts, spike out camps are used in remote areas using Super Cubs.



10-Day Grizzly Bear 1 on 1–$10,500.00
5-Day Black Bear 2 on 1—$5,500/person

SHEEP HUNTS -8-Day Sheep hunt–$12,500/person

MOOSE HUNTS-10 day moose, one on one –$14,500

GOAT HUNTS 8 day goat hunt, one on one —–$8,800


We will email you/text/or call you or call (920) 540-5038

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