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Maryland Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer, Sika, Bear, Hunting Outfitters and Hunting Guide 

Maryland hunting outfitter, Maryland Hunting Guide

Maryland Outfitter and Hunting Guide

DOA Outfitters Hunting Club offers action filled guided hunts in Maryland, West Virginia, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, & North Carolina for the following:

* Greater & Lesser Snow Goose Hunting
* Ross Geese and Speckle Bellied or White Fronted Geese
* Wild Russian and European Boar Hunting South & North Carolina Canada
* Goose Hunting West Virginia, New York, Vermont, Delaware, & Maryland's Eastern shore
* Turkey Hunting Maryland, New York, West Virginia, South Carolina, Delaware, & Virginia
* Exotic Sika Deer Hunting (Free Roaming) In Maryland
* Whitetail Deer Hunting Maryland, New York, West Virginia, Vermont, South Carolina, and Virginia
* Black Bear-Wild Boar-Bobcat-Fox-Coyote Hunting North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland
* Sea, Diver, & Puddle Duck Hunting Maryland, Massachusetts, New York & Virginia
* Swan Hunting NC & VA
* Sea Duck Hunting

Other types of waterfowl hunting Come experience the breath taking beauty and Heart Pumping action of our hunts in West Virginia, Maryland & Virginia's Eastern Shore, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Vermont & North & South Carolina as we harvest our game.

visit our web site: or call 410-603-1400 or 315-889-1790


whitetail deer hunt, MD

Sika Deer Hunt Maryland


Welcome to Southern Ohio Outfitters, Ohio's foremost outfit for Fair Chase Trophy Whitetail and Turkey Hunting. If you take whitetail hunting seriously, then Southern Ohio will stand out to you as one of the best places in North America to hunt big whitetail. Southern Ohio Outfitters is located in the heart of Southern Ohio with beautiful rolling hills, plentiful agriculture such as beans, corn, alfalfa, and food plot seed along with cover that produces some of the largest whitetails in North America such as the Willis Buck which scored a phenomenal 253" and was taken right where our properties are located. Whitetail experts will confirm that we have the key ingredients for consistently producing trophy bucks. If you're looking for Ohio's premiere "big buck" area, and an outfitter who understands hunting whitetails in their domain, you've come to the right place.

Visit or call (740) 288-5222

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